Who We Are?

iBloomVR is a revolutionary science-backed tool for managing Autism. This unique virtual reality app with supervisor and learner capabilities provides immersive 3D content using virtual reality to develop social, behavioral, and cognitive skills exclusively for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our unique platform is tailored to the exclusive needs of children with ASD to exercise real-world skills in practical, engaging and immersive virtual environments. Virtual reality treatment for autism can be used by parents, individuals with ASD, schools, healthcare providers, therapy practitioners, and autism societies.

iBloomVR’s lessons are based on research and science; currently we are running in-depth research studies to investigate the impact of Virtual Reality in enhancing the communication and social skills in children with Autism; our research would also benefit several clinicians in determining future VR modules which can assist children with this neurological condition in seamlessly performing day to day activities.

Role of  Virtual Reality in Autism?

In recent years, Virtual Reality has emerged as an increasingly valuable tool to support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in improving their communication, social and cognitive skills; and above all stupendously connect with their family members, friends, and the world around them. The influence of virtual reality in autism is revolutionary, this technology helps in creating learning environments that are immersive, repeatable, well-supervised and practically difficult to replicate in safe home settings. Virtual Reality is playing a huge role in shifting conventional ways of dealing with autism. Today, specialists, therapists, doctors, and parents can leverage this technology to help children with autism learn differently and succeed socially.

VR innovators like iBloomVR are continually researching and creating programs that link virtual reality and autism together to prepare children with ASD for the outside world.

Benefits of iBloomVR?

Powered by VR

Real-time immersive virtual learning environments in safe home settings

Early Intervention

Early intensive involvement with major long-term positive effects

‘0’ Risk

Imaging experiments which are difficult to imitate in home/therapy settings


Modules based on demonstrated and documented techniques

Fully Managed Experience

Fully supervised experience which helps parents/therapists guide the progress of the learner

Data Collection

Mechanized capture and analysis of previously inaccessible data

Who Can Use?

With a platform backed by intense research, science and latest technology of  VR we intend to improve the quality of life of children with Autism and eliminate the barricades in their mental growth. Our app can be used by:

  • Parents
  • Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Schools
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Therapy Practitioners
  • Autism Societies

Virtual reality treatment for autism can teach significant social, behavioral, and cognitive skills to children with autism.

How iBloomVR Works?

iBloomVR has developed a shared experience that involves the use of mobile Virtual Reality to deliver lessons to the learner and administering capabilities for the supervising adult. Our app is easy to understand and can be handily used on a smartphone or tablet, with a google cardboard headset connected via Wi-Fi Connection.

The 3D contents of iBloomVR are experienced by the learner in engaging and immersive VR environment which simultaneously streams on the supervisor’s device who directs the entire lesson.

Learning Modules

iBloomVR’s immersive 3D content is curated and personalized to the unique needs of individuals with Autism. Our VR modules are based on different real-life scenarios which assist individuals with ASD to build real world skills. The connection between Virtual Reality and Autism therapy is thoroughly established while creating the modules Our system is equipped with supervisor and learner capabilities, by running the modules on both devices, it ensures the entire therapy is well managed. The supervisor’s device displays the content in 2D, while the learner’s device displays the same content in 3D thereby creating a totally immersive environment which encourages engagement.



iBloomVR platform would be this really terrific modality to teach young learners some of the best practice communication skills that connects them with the world

iBloomVR is one of the specific technological interventions that we have been looking for in terms of increasing social behavior,increasing independent living and even ensuring secure employment in the near future for children with ASD. Virtual Reality technology can really assist children with significant intellectual disability like ASD

For children with ASD, Virtual Reality isn’t really a game, it has a real purpose. The immersive environment offered by this tool helps reduce cognitive pressures, it helps them relax feel less apprehensive. It’s more about providing a safe space to them and test key skills in a really safe environment

I’ve always noticed, people with ASD often worry about making mistakes and get really anxious, this inhibits them to the real world too. iBloomVR world is a safe space for them where they can make mistakes and learn from them. They can practice those skills over and over until they get used to them

Early Adaptors Are Welcome